Title :Tetris Attack
Platforms :Super NES
Publisher :Nintendo
Game Rating :n/a
Review by :Ken Gagne

When's the last time you had a Tetris attack? If it was anytime recently, then you'll be craving for the latest puzzle game from Nintendo. Tetris Attack for SNES brings you hours of enjoyment for yourself or with a friend. 

The object of the game is to align three pieces of matching colors to make them disappear. They don't fall from above, but scroll up row by row from the bottom of the screen. Pieces are manipulated by switching horizontally adjacent blocks back and forth. In-game documentation teaches you the fundamentals, as well as tips for producing some astounding chain reactions and combos. Such moves require much future planning, making it harder to score high than a regular Tetris game. 

The one-player game features several levels of difficulty and five modes of play, including Vs. Computer, Time Trial, and Puzzle. Passwords let you continue on the highest stage you've completed. Two-player games can be straight competition or a race to see who can score the most points. 

A choice of "mascots," characters from various Mario games, affects what background and music you'll see and hear as you play, but they are otherwise identical. The music well suited, becomes threatening when a game is nearly over, but is otherwise calm and good listening. This type of game doesn't call for fancy graphics; animation is scarce, but the drawings are exceptional. 

Replay value is high, since no two games are ever alike and there's always room for improvement. If you have a friend with whom to compete, you'll both be going "just one more round" repeatedly as you attack each other with garbage blocks formed from combos and chains. Although it bares the name of its predecessor, its is far apart from the original Tetris, breathing originality into a popular but tired genre. 

Tetris Attack is a notch above the numerous puzzler clones out there. Those looking for the latest Tetris to whet their appetite need look no farther! 

Hints: If both players hold L+R on the Versus' Character Select Screen,  two additional choices become available. 

In the one-player versus mode, move to Hard and press L+Up+A for  Harder mode.

This article is copyright (c) 1996, 2007 by Ken Gagne. All rights reserved. Not to be distributed without permission.

Original publication: Boston Herald, 02-Sep-96