Title :Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy
Platforms :Super NES
Publisher :Interplay
Game Rating :n/a
Review by :Ken Gagne

Interplay's latest foray into the video gaming galaxy has result in an exciting new game titled Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy. The twist is, instead of being at the helm of the Enterprise, you're a cadet in the Academy, piloting a starship bridge simulator. 

The game takes place in Captain Kirk's lifetime, and has the look and technology of that era. Relations with the Klingons and Romulans are poor, and the Excelsior is still an experimental starship. 

There's a bit of role-playing to be found: first thing is to choose a name and gender. Throughout the time you'll chat with your crew members in the lounge, who exhibit a surprising amount of unique personality. The central action is in the simulator. 

Here, it's basically a glorified flight simulator. Polygonal graphics on the view screen are a bit hard to determine between different ships. All the utilities of the starship are at your disposal. Controls react smoothly to the touch, making combat easy to dive into and learn. Diplomacy should always be the first option, however. The two musics may quickly become grating.  

The latest trek may become a sleeper hit. Either it's your cup of earl gray tea, or it's not, but definitely beam aboard and find out! 

Hints: At the two player menu, hold L, R, Select and press A,  Y, B, Y for new ships. 

Use the name Darryl Hawkins and use password XYXYABAB  and press Select for a special ending. 

When choosing names, hold down L, R, Select and press  A, B, A, B for original Star Trek names. 

When choosing names, hold down L, R, Select and press  X, Y, X, Y for the playtesters' names.

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Original publication: Boston Herald, 20-Feb-95