Title :Megaman X2
Platforms :Super NES
Publisher :Capcom
Game Rating :n/a
Review by :Ken Gagne

The Blue Bomber returns in his twelfth adventure, in Mega Man X2 for the Super NES. Six months after the original Mega Man X, it looks like the evil X-Hunter reploids are at it again. 

X will travel through more than twelve stages and gain the abilities of eight adversaries while attempting to stop even more dastardly plans. The gameplay is identical with the first, attacking the first eight stages in a non-linear form. Each boss is based on some member of the animal kingdom, and are truly diabolical. 

The graphics are clear and detailed, with special attention paid to the backgrounds. A special graphics chip produces some astounding effects, but is not used often enough. The music is hip-hop with a mechanical undertone, and for a change, the sound effects add to the game. Explosions and weapon discharges will echo through your house as you beat up the baddies. 

Control can be set on the options screen, but it can be difficult to perform many functions at once. X reacts quickly to your commands, pulling out of some real pinches. The length and challenge of this sequel is upped from the previous cart. 

While it may be old hat by now, Mega Man is still the smash hit he always was. 

Hints: Try the stages in this order: Wheel Gator, Bubble Crab, Flame Stag,  Morph Moth, Wire Sponge, Crystal Snail, Overdrive Ostrich, Magna  Centipede. 

Final stage password: 8377,8143,6828,7651

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Original publication: Boston Herald, 10-Apr-95