Title :Kirby's Dream Course
Platforms :Super NES
Publisher :Nintendo
Game Rating :n/a
Review by :Ken Gagne

Is it mini golf? Is it a new type of billiards? Could it be a giant pink marshmallow? The answer to these questions is "yes" in Kirby's Dream Course! 

Nintendo debuts Kirby, star of his own Game Boy and Nintendo games, on the Super NES simultaneously with the Kirby's Avalanche puzzler. Through eight holes on eight courses, this bag of hot air will careen, bounce, and fly, hopefully to end up in the hole. 

Dream Course is easy to pick up and learn. Documentation, including examples and controller layouts, are all provided from the main menu. However, there are no options to personalize your play, such as sound output or controller configuration. An entertaining two-player version is included. 

Each course shares a background, while the layouts are generally a simply-checkered, three-dimensional board. The little animation is scattered throughout the various obstacles and adversaries. The music is as cute as the graphics, which can range from pleasant to nauseous. 

The control is represented on the screen by various pictures and "follow-the-bouncing-ball" types of signs. It makes shots easier to plan and predict the outcome. 

One of the more innovative titles in awhile, Kirby takes the cake in what is generally a good time. Fore!

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Original publication: Boston Herald, 13-Mar-95