Title :Judge Dredd
Platforms :Super NES
Publisher :Acclaim
Game Rating :n/a
Review by :Ken Gagne

The year 2139 has a new criminal justice system, in which Judges, a new form of police, take the place of judge, jury, and executioner. Acclaim brings you this world on the Super NES in Judge Dredd, based on Stallone's summer movie. 

It's another standard side-scroller, but marvelously done. Guide Dredd through more than a dozen stages as he fends off arsonists, convicts, and muggers. Arrest when possible, or carry out a death sentence when necessary. 

The control takes awhile to be tamed, but comes under mastery eventually. Aiming Dredd's several different weapons to make precision shots is not a problem, but flying kicks are as much luck as they are skill. 

The graphics are small and dark, but animated, reminiscent of Alien 3, with little attention paid to the backgrounds. Nobody is identifiable from the movie, and some pickups or ladders are hard to spot, as they blend in easily. The Judge runs smoothly and carries out the rest of his actions with finesse, though. The music is suitable for a movie soundtrack, which makes sense. 

The stages vary in difficulty. The first few must be played several times, but several afterward are too easy. Overall it is an arduous adventure. 

Judge Dredd plays like too many other games with little to set itself apart from the crowd. For what it is, it is executed very well and deserves a chance. However, it spoils the movie by giving away too much of its plot! Is this game worthwhile? You be the judge. 

Passwords: QBGB  JCWZ

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Original publication: Boston Herald, 26-Jun-95