Title :The Adventures of Batman & Robin
Platforms :Super NES
Publisher :Konami
Game Rating :n/a
Review by :Ken Gagne

Batman fans, rejoice! Your favorite caped crusader has landed in a 16-bit smash game for the Super NES. 

Based on the recently-renamed animated show "The Adventures of Batman & Robin," the game carries the same title. Through eight stages you'll guide Batman against some of his best-known nemeses such as the Joker, Poison Ivy, the Penguin, and Two-Face. (Sorry, no Mr. Freeze) Almost all the stages are direct translations of television episodes, and faithful watchers will definitely be at an advantage. 

The graphics have a cartoonish appearance to them, depicting the Dark Knight in all his fearsome glory. The cart successfully captures the dark look of the animated series. Sprites are well-detailed, if a bit sluggish. Good use of Mode-7 tricks, such as scaling and rotation, add a degree of excitement to already-thrilling fight scenes. 

The music is usually an interesting twist of the theme song, and always sets the perfect mood for each situation. Control is detailed yet uncomplicated, allowing for Bruce Wayne to snap a batarang in the blink of an eye and follow up with a flying kick. 

Looking for an action-packed time? Strike fear in the heart of men with "The Adventures of Batman & Robin." 

Hint: S = Square, R = Rectangle, T = Triangle, C = Circle 

  Stage 2         Stage 3        Stage 4        Stage 5

 S| S|  | T      C|  | C| S     S| S| S| T     T| S| T| S
-----------     -----------    -----------    -----------
 C| T| C|        T| S| C| S     C| T| C| S     S| S|  | C
-----------     -----------    -----------    -----------
 C| S| T|        T|  |  |       T| S|  |       T| S| C| S
-----------     -----------    -----------    -----------
 S| T| C|         |  | S| T     C| S| C|       C| S|  | S

  Stage 6         Stage 7        Stage 8

  | T| C| C      S| C| S| S     T| T| T| S
-----------     -----------    -----------
 C| T| C| T      T| S| C| C     T| S| S| C
----------     -----------    ------------
 T| S| T| S      C|  |  | S     C|  | C| S
-----------     -----------    -----------
  |  | C|        S| S| S| T     C| S| S| T

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Original publication: Boston Herald, 09-Jan-95