Title :Metal Gear Solid Survival Guide
Publisher :Sandwich Islands Publishing Co.
Authors :Mark Elies & J. Douglas Arnold
ISBN :#1-884364-31-4
Price :$12.95
Review by :Ken Gagne

MGS is a detailed game with many items to find, bosses to defeat, and methods of solving puzzles. If you get stuck, the above guide can help. It gives a step-by-step walkthrough for the entire game, complete with pictures, item descriptions and locations, and strategies. It's not bogged down by useless information, and is great for a fast, easy solution. It doesn't offer much else and the maps aren't terribly detailed, but they do get the job done.

The Survival Guide can be found in some video game stores. Or you can order directly from the publisher:

Sandwich Islands Publishing Co.
P.O. Box 10669
Lahaina, HI 96761
Fax: (808) 661-2715
Voice Orders: (808) 661-8195

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