On Writing

Video Games
The vast majority of my writing is done in the field of electronic entertainment, distributed as a column entitled Gamebits, which has appeared in the following print publications:

In addition to the online counterparts of the above publications, Gamebits articles have also been published at these online venues:

Visit Gamebits to see my professional page on this topic, which includes an archive of more than 300 Gamebits articles.

I maintain Showbits, a blog of news, reviews, commentary, and quirks from Hollywood and Broadway, with a focus on quirky, geeky stuff like Star Wars, Star Trek, and superheroes.

Move to the Travel portion of my homepage to read my travel writing.

Apple II
Move to the Apple portion of my homepage to read my Apple II writing. I'm also editor-in-chief of Juiced.GS and occasionally blog on the topic for Computerworld.

The three projects demanded of all my alma mater's graduating students, as well as some high school Greek translations, are found on the School portion of my homepage.

I come from the same hometown as fantasy author R.A. Salvatore, and have had the pleasure and opportunity to interview him on multiple occasions. I've also read all his books, which has contributed to my articles on him. Surf over to Gamebits to read my material on this topic.

I wrote a couple of articles on this popular topic when I was in college:

  • Sex Ed(itorial) is a response to a series of articles by a college staff member about sex. My article is tangential so you needn't have read what it's in response to. In fact, this isn't really a "response" at all; that was just an excuse to say something on my mind.
  • Sex: What Are the Odds? is intended as a humorous lampoon of reality on this campus, and also a demonstration of the skills I learned in reading a book about numeracy.

In 1997 I went skydiving, and wrote a story about it to go along with the roll of film they gave me. Here it is. I've since also gone bungee-jumping, about which I have not written, but there is a grainy QuickTime movie of the event online. It's just under seven megs in size.

I was editor of the Syndicomm Online newsletter, Syndicommotion, during its entire run (2002 – 2005).

Writer's Block
Like any individuals, I occasionally suffer this malady.