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Finally Phil was so tired that he fell into a deep sleep. The god appeared to him as he slept; he was holy and large and carried a staff in his right hand, around which a holy serpent was curled. He stood near the child and having looked kindly said this, "What are you suffering, o child? Why do you sleep in my holy place?" And fearing nothing – for the god appeared kindly – he said, "I am blind, o Asclepius, and so I have come to ask you to heal my eyes." The god said, "If I heal your eyes, what will you give me?" The child was confused for a long time about what it is necessary to say, finally he said, "I do not have much but I will give you my knucklebones." The god having laughed approached and placed his hands on his eyes. And having done this he went away. Finally having worked hard Phil was in a deep sleep. At rest he appeared to be a god. A big, holy staff appeared ready, curled around it was a holy serpent. It moved near the child and said in the living convenient eye, "Who suffers, o child? Why do you sleep through the holy place?" He said, "To have asked indeed for I will heal the blindness." God said, "If I heal your blindness, is this justice?" The child had much time to gather what was necessary, he finally said, "I have no hold, they are my knucklebones." God laughed and holding out his first gave a speech. It was a flat poem.
On the next day when it first became day, Phil woke up and – look – he was able to see; he saw the sky and the sun rising over the hills and the trees were moving in the wind; and he enjoyed seeing; for everything appeared beautiful to him. He hurried to find the priest. And seeing him approaching, he said, "Greetings, o child, it is clear that the god approached you kindly. And so give thanks to the god. But go to find your father." The servant came forward into the temple, Phil woke up and – lo! – looked strong; for he saw the heavens and the sun beyond the rising hill and the storm disturbing the tree; and such a delightful sight; so he hurried to find the temple. He sat near, and said, "Rejoice, o child, god is showing his convenience has arrived. The god's grace is a payment. But step to find your father."

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