Will to Succeed

by Ken Gagne
May 18, 1997

Time marches on, and soon we can see
That life isn't always what we expected it to be.
We study for tests in the hope we might pass,
Still we fail; seems our knowledge was not nearly so vast!
Relationships develop, but then sometimes fail.
We slink back to our holes, between our legs, our tails.
We look to a future of moments to share;
Then loved ones disappear, though be it unfair.
But we must not allow the failures to win
Us over, let them become an overwhelming din
To which we listen, and cannot hear
Of success which is so unknowingly near.
The hope for a better tomorrow drives us on
To live through the dark night and see the new dawn
Which strengthens our hearts and steels our wits
To climb from the darkening disparity pits.
Participate in life, let it not die.
You perish a failure if only you live and don't try.
There's no second chance; this is it, here and now!
Perhaps if you make yourself a promise, a vow,
It will be something to which you always can strive,
Reason for the sparkle and energy to thrive.
The bad overwhelms the good, if only you let it;
Carpe deim, the day is yours, take a chance and seize it!