These are some of my favorite poems.

Around the Corner is by New York American columnist Charles Hanson Towne. Though I had earned no privilege to speak at my high school graduation, the faculty granted my request to read this poem at the event.

Worthwhile is the full text of a poem, the first half-stanza of which I first saw framed and hanging in the family kitchen of my friend Matt Crawford. A kind and random visitor to this site provided me with the name and entirety of the poem, as well as the name of its author, Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Will to Succeed is something I wrote for a forgotten reason when I was in high school. I found it on my hard drive when I was going through some tough times, and trying to be optimistic; this poem seems like something I could've written as a result, only five years prior. The use of the word "disparity" is erroneous (an attempted adjective form of the word "despair"), and it's really not that great a poem overall, but still nice and upbeat.