Here are some web sites I visit on a regular basis, presented in alphabetical order.

8-bit Theater
The characters from the original Final Fantasy take part in a hilarious online comic strip, three times a week. The use of original FF sprites in a new comic is inspired. It's an ongoing story, so I suggest starting with Episode 1 and reading through to the current.
The source for the last happenings in the Apple II community.
After September 11th, I started visiting this site daily.
For Better or For Worse
My daily comic strip fix of the family I feel I've grown up with.
FAQs, or Frequently Asked Questions, are the online equivalent of the strategy guides available in bookstores and game stores. These files can be freely downloaded and provide tips, codes, and step-by-step walkthroughs for games. There is no more comprehensive place on the Internet to find FAQ files than GameFAQs. Indexed by alphabetically by system and genre, the files contributed to GameFAQs grow weekly by the dozens, if not hundreds, weekly, with each one checked for duplication and plagiarism. The daily polls are what make me visit regularly.
Visit weekly for new wallpaper.
Penny Arcade
Penny Arcade is an online comic strip that updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The stars are Gabe and Tycho, who find sarcastic and often painful ways to lampoon the latest developments in the gaming world. A front-page commentary, also written in a tongue-in-cheek style, is often required reading to understanding each strip.
Rose is Rose
Another daily comic strip.
Click for Free Donations
At each of the following sites, you can click on a banner ad to donate free food, mammograms, rain forest land, and more. It's so easy, there's no reason not to improve the world a bit each day by visiting these addresses.

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