This year marked my first year as a digital nomad, which deprived me of any consoles that require a television. And the pandemic deprived me of many other activities, such as dancing and storytelling events. I knew these factors would combine to result in more Switch time — but I didn't realize just how much until Nintendo shared my stats with me.

In the context of last year's stats, that's 82 games compared to 40, and 283 hours compared to 116. Dead Cells and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe made my top five both years! Ring Fit Adventure (and walking dogs) is how I got my exercise while living in Arizona, while Luigi's Mansion 3 is something my co-workers and I played together every Sunday night.

As part of my annual year in review, I'll have a full breakdown of all my 2020 games soon. Stay tuned!