PAX East 2019 was the tenth annual PAX East and the second year it spanned four days. Instead of trying to take it all in, I allowed myself to spread three days' worth of activities across four days. I missed some panels, but it also made for a calmer, more intimate experience. I volunteered at Take This's merch table in the Diversity Lounge and hit up the tabletop area to try some new board games, neither of which I'd ever done before.

I also made some new friends! I usually spend PAX with people I already know, either from online or off. Rarely do I meet anyone with whom I have no prior connection, and then stay in touch with them after PAX is over. But I made a conscious effort to do this year, and it paid off. I'm looking forward to seeing these local gamers more often.

Of course, I still kept busy by hosting panels, one of my favorite things to do at any convention. This year, I had two pitches accepted: "The Return of Couch Play", which you can watch or listen to on the IndieSider podcast; and "The Art of Craft", which is available in audio and video on episode #88 of the Polygamer podcast.

As always, messes of photos from throughout the weekend follow!