After playing Old Man's Journey for last month's IndieSider, I couldn't put it down and move on to the next game — I had to finish this 90-minute exploration of the titular protagonist's and see if he'd be able to repair whatever mistakes he'd made. By the time I got to the end, the question "Can a video game make you cry?" had been answered with a resounding "Yes".

Must of the game's narrative was told through cutscenes between the 15 levels. Unless the rest of the game, which was designed by Clemens Scott, these cutscenes feature the artwork of Lip Comarella:

His contributions to Old Man's Journey were too poignant to let go, so I captured each one into the below gallery of screenshots. Spoiler warning: viewing this gallery will reveal the game's entire plot, beginning to end. Please enjoy only if you've already finished the game or have no intention of doing so (though you should!).