I'm a big fan of the latest incarnation of point-and-click adventure games. Telltale kicked off the trend with their Walking Dead series, and now they've continued the tradition with the Caped Crusader himself in Batman: The Telltale Series, played here on the PlayStation 4. Though the game doesn't introduce a host of innovative gameplay mechanics, and the story itself is a bit slow, it was still fun to see the Dark Knight so early in his career.

Joining me in this Let's Play is NMRJess, a fellow long-time gamer and Batman aficionado! Since this game is one-player, we traded the controller between videos. The first video in this series marks her YouTube debut, though there was a three-month gap in which we played other games before finally finishing the first chapter, Realm of Shadows.

Whether we continue to the other four installments of this episodic series remains to be seen; in the meantime, enjoy Batman: The Telltale Series!