Welcome to Gamebits 3.0! As the home to the Gamebits YouTube channel and the IndieSider podcast, this site has been remodeled for a modern, dynamic experience, with features that emphasize our great video content. Right from the homepage, a slider displays the latest updates, while an infinite scroll of thumbnail images make it easier to find archived content without a lot of clicking. Open a specific feature, and you don't have to scroll down to find the video — it's the first thing you see. And a responsive design ensures an optimal viewing experience on any device, be it console, mobile, or desktop.

This relaunch has been a long time in the making. It took me over a year to find the right WordPress theme — one that emphasized Gamebits' videos, which didn't exist at the time of our last redesign. After over a year of searching, I finally got excited when I found the Focus theme. Two months of customizing later, the site is ready to come out of public beta.

Watch for more of the great content you've come to expect from Gamebits: I recently unboxed the PlayStation 4 Pro and will be featuring the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. NMRJess and I just finished our Let's Play of the first chapter of Batman: The Telltale Series and are looking at candidates for our next game. And IndieSider will continue bringing you behind the scenes of game development while featuring the latest indie titles.

But my vision for the future doesn't forget where Gamebits has been. This is the site's first redesign since it was migrated to WordPress nine years ago today; before that, the site was static HTML files since its launch on January 8, 2001. Despite those many iterations, the site still contains all 17 years of original content at their original URLs. It's important to preserve the history of gaming, and that goes for gaming media, too.

My thanks to Alex S at SiteOrigin, NMRJess, Steve Weyhrich, Mike Whalen, Kay Savetz, Sabriel Mastin, and Thomas Awrey for their feedback during the redesign process. I couldn't ask for a better gaming crew!