Perchang is an iOS puzzle game that's been described as a cross between Lemmings, Marble Madness, and Lunar Lander. Manipulate moving parts in each level's Rube Goldberg machine to get the marbles into their goals. Color-coded flippers, fans, magnets, and more are at your disposal — but all the red parts are activated together, as are all the blue parts. Group the parts by assigning the right colors to solve each puzzle.

Perchang is the debut title from Perchang, a two-person studio consisting of Ben Murch of Rodeo Games and Pete Akehurst of Popcorn Entertainment. In this interview, we spoke about what brought these two developers together; how Perchang's 3D levels and puzzles were conceived and modeled; what prompted the two developers to create a game so different from their previous titles; the lame duck status of the Nintendo Wii U; and the future of augmented reality gaming.

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Disclosure: a review copy of this game was provided to me by the publisher.