Fiona Cherbak

The Boston Festival of Indie Games, or BostonFIG, is an annual celebration of the Northeast's indie gaming scene. Developers from Boston and beyond come to showcase their latest games and works-in-progress, be they for computers, consoles, mobile, or cardboard. Guest speakers from Robin Hunicke and Leigh Alexander to Brian O'Halloran and Jason Scott have headlined the festival, with musical interludes by the Videri String Quartet.

In this interview, Fiona Cherbak, co-founder of the annual Boston Festival of Indie Games (BostonFIG), talks about how and why she started the event, its evolution, and how Boston's indie scene compares to Austin's and Seattle's.

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This interview is excerpted from a larger discussion of hiring and retaining women in the games industry; the full episode is available from the Polygamer podcast.