I am not one to part with my toys; once I have purchased a console, game, or peripheral, it stays in my library forever. This would explain how I've amassed over a thousand physical games for nearly two dozen different platforms.

I don't keep my entire collection in one place, though. Some of it remains where I lived when I acquired it: my parents' basement. It's a site I recently found myself alone in as I performed computer maintenance on my parents' Macs and iPads. What to do while I waited for these automated tasks to finish? Go excavating, of course.

In the course of a few hours, I unearthed countless treasures: old NES and SNES games, imported Super Famicom titles still in the box, Nintendo World Championships prizes, Blockbuster promotional signage, and more. Armed with only my iPod Touch, I snapped and tweeted twenty photos. I enjoyed sharing these memories of long-forgotten games, both good and bad, and discovering some prizes I didn't even realize I had.

Those photos can be seen in the below gallery or in a Storify that collects the tweets. Fortunately, I don't need these photos by which to remember these artifacts: they're a part of my permanent collection.