Eight months after posting my Wii U Frequently Asked Questions video, I continue to respond to YouTube comments asking how the Wii U works. Here are a few standalone blog posts that address some common questions.

Can I use the GamePad without the Wii U? Is the GamePad portable? Can I play it in the car?

The GamePad is not a portable game system like the Nintendo 3DS or Sony Vita. It does not have a media slot with which you can input games, saved data, CDs, movies, or cartridges. All media the GamePad displays is streamed from the Wii U console, which must be within 40–60 feet. If you try to use the GamePad without the Wii U, you will get this error message:

GamePad without Wii U

For more information, see the below video, or these related blog posts: