The original Street Fighter released in August 1987; four months later, Mega Man was born. Capcom is celebrating both 25th anniversaries with one marvelous mashup. Today, on the exact release day of the original Mega Man, PC gamers get to enjoy Street Fighter X Mega Man: a new, full-fledged Mega Man game, with Street Fighter combatants standing in for the Robot Masters, offering new powers for the Blue Bomber to absorb. Check out the trailer.

The eight bosses are not synonymous with the eight playable characters from the original Street Fighter II, as evidenced by Rose from Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter IV. Regardless of their origin, the characters' fighting styles and theme songs will be in evidence in SFXMM, rewarding fans of both series.

Speaking of rewards, did I mention that the game is entirely free? Surf to Capcom Unity to get your copy today!

(Hat tip to ThinkGeek)