College students are a remarkable lot: despite the crushing burden of a full curriculum of courses, they find the energy and outlets for the creativity with which they've been brimming since youth, finally equipped as they are with the resources and structure that an academic environment provides. Do they solve the energy crisis, or create the next Facebook? Nope — they re-imagine their childhood video games as football half-time shows!

Following the example set by Cal Tech almost exactly five years ago, this past Saturday, the Ohio State University Marching Band (also known as The Best Damn Band In The Land [TBDBITL]) treated fans of the home game against Nebraska to a sweeping rendition of music and animation, ranging from retro gaming classics to the latest first-person shooters. Check it out.

It's fun to watch the musicians scamper at 1.5x speed — but no matter the playback rate, the animated Epona is jaw-dropping. Congratulations to OSU on an excellent game!

(Hat tip to Bob Rawson)