When I was a kid, video games were one of the primary occupants of my extracurricular time. Sure, I read books and rode my bike and went to the movies — but I don't remember any other activity inspiring the dedicated sessions gaming did. I'd stay up until 5 AM to make it to the next town in Dragon Warrior IV, or to beat Bionic Commando in one sitting (since there was no other way to do it).

A quarter-century later, I find myself being pulled in more directions than ever, with fewer opportunities to commit myself to any one pursuit in-depth. Weeks or even months go by without me turning on a game console — partly by choice, partly not. My lament for the occasional absence of gaming from my life isn't wholly attributable to how much more violent and complex the games have gotten, and it's certainly not a reflection on gaming being a childish or immature pastime; sometimes, life just doesn't allow me to crack open those new titles, like Portal 2 or Arkham Asylum, in a timely fashion.

For that reason, I can relate all too well to this recent Cracked.com parody music video, "A Tribute to Everyone Who is Getting Too Old for Video Games" by Bill & Dave.

Will we ever put away adult things and resume our childish play? I can only hope…

(Hat tip to Lorien Green)

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