Here are pictures from the second day of PAX East 2011. Highlights include Paul Saunders, Kathleen DeVere, and Graham Stark of LoadingReadyRun, the Rooster Teeth panel debuting the trailer for Red vs. Blue Season 9: The Freelancer Project, a Pac-Man CE DX tournament, and cosplay of Cammy, Batman, Catwoman, Dr. Who, Final Fantasy IX's Vivi the black mage, Bioshock on Rock Band.

See also photos from day one and day three.

Does this year's Cammy live up to last year's?

2 thoughts on “PAX East 2011 Saturday Photos

  1. Ken Gagne

    Likely! But she has such a blank look on her face — she doesn't seem the least bit surprised.

    Andy and I got our picture with her just before we left on Sunday. See the third day's album for that shot.

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