A decade ago saw the commencement of the trend of movies (like Conan the Barbarian) being adapted to Broadway musicals. But lately, a new medium has proven a popular destination for films seeking new outlets. From the creators of 8-Bit Dr. Horrible comes the 8-bit Twilight: Eclipse interactive adventure.

This series of ten videos uses YouTube's annotations feature to offer the reader a choice of which video to play next. This sort of branching paths is typical of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, but combined with the 8-bit stylings of Doctor Octoroc, it's an innovative variation on his past masterpieces, demonstrating the creativity of an artist not content to rest on his laurels. And unlike his excellent Dr. Horrible adaptation, this latest parody came the same week as its source material's release. If there's anything deserving of satire, it's Twilight.

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  1. Video is gone.

    "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Summit Entertainment LLC."


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