Video game soundtracks are more abstract than a game's graphics or challenge and thus are often overlooked, but they are integral to our gaming experiences. Hours or years after we've turned a game off, it's the melodies that stick with us, rising unbidden to our minds and whistling lips. In my case, more often than not, these are Nintendo tunes.

An enterprising remixer has compiled many memorable Nintendo theme songs into a single medley. His instrument of choice is Mario Paint Composer, a freeware utility for Mac and PC that replicates the musical component of the Super Nintendo "game" Mario Paint.

Although this brief selection omits many titles, including any and all published for either the Nintendo 64 or the Nintendo GameCube, it is still a nostalgic performance of the songs that composed our childhoods. The MP3 is also available as a free download.

(Hat tip to Epic Win FTW)