The Escapist Magazine recently rolled out a subscription model. Rather than putting existing content behind a pay wall, they are instead offering new features, such as high-quality video streams, exclusively to subscribers. As they point out, a subscription breaks down to only about five cents a day, but if you've already registered a free Escapist profile, the first year comes at 50% off.

I don't think I've paid for online content since CompuServe, but Escapist's video offerings, from Unskippable and Escapist News Network to Zero Punctuation, make me want to support such a quality publication.

The first high-quality movie my subscription has afforded me access to is from comedy troupe LoadingReadyRun. My PAX writeup detailed my experience being in the audience for their panel; now they've published the video that resulted from that session. Prepare yourselves for some potty humor:

I'm visible in all the audience shots but most clearly at 5:53 as the guy in the aisle seat looking at his camera. Unfortunately, I made the cardinal sin of glancing into the video camera! You'd never know from such an amateurish mistake that I'm actually an experienced film extra. Sigh. If I had a SAG card, I'm sure they'd be revoking it now.