Halloween is this week, and even if you're too old to trick-or-treat, every gamer is young enough at heart to play dress-up. If you still need some ideas of what to be this year, take your inspiration from this gallery of 31 amazing video game costumes. For my money, it's Mario, Ryu, and Ivy FTW.

That list's Princess Peach (#14) is well-known in cosplay circles: shes best known for this Metroid Prime costume. It's not just the shape and build of the costume (and its costumer), but also the detail; this really looks like a bounty hunter who's been seen her share of battles. Check out her other costumes, including Zero Suit Samus.

Costuming isn't really your thing? You can still put your neighborhood in the holiday spirit. If video games really do instill in us a homicidal bloodlust, at least put it to good use eviscerating a harmless fruit to form one of with these these video game jack-o'-lanterns.

If you prefer movie themes, here are some quick and easy costume ideas. But whatever you do, remember to curb your sweet tooth — or next Halloween, you may be going as this:

E. Honda Halloween costume