Faced with so many announcements to come out of last month's E3, you may've missed the previous news that the Metroid Prime Trilogy is coming to the Wii. This single disc compiles the two Metroid Prime games previously released (in 2002 and 2004) for the GameCube, as well as the 2007 Wii release of Metroid Prime 3. The first two games will feature slightly updated graphics (especially if you have a widescreen [480p] television), unlockable rewards — and, most significantly, motion controls native to the Wii, as exemplified by the "New Play Control!" series of GameCube-to-Wii ports. When the game ships on August 24th, it will come with an artbook, a t-shirt, and, if you order online, a poster.

A Nintendo fanboy, I already own all three Metroid Prime games. Each time I finished one, I thought, "That was excellent — I'll probaby play it again someday." But before enough time had passed for my memory to fade sufficiently to warrant a replay, the sequel would come out.

Now I'm tempted by these re-releases, seeing the new controls as the incentive I need to revisit such enjoyable games. To get all three for just $50 is a steal. The downside is that I've already invested $150 in these games, and this version of Metroid Prime 3, which was already a Wii original, is unlikely to be at all different from what I already own.

Would my money be better spent on an unknown but unplayed game that might prove an entirely new experience? Or is there wisdom in buying (again) into a franchise I know to be fun?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts about this trilogy pack, as well as your own experiences with the Metroid Prime series.

3 thoughts on “Metroid Prime Trilogy — worth buying again?

  1. I like to condense shelf space, so I'd probably opt for the trilogy and then give away or try to sell the originals.

  2. i've played the games b4 but i don't hav them so I'll probably either get this o the 4th september (cos i liv in the uk and we get everythin after america, except from mario kart wii ;)) if I hav enuff, money and if i don't I'll probably get it for christmas :D

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