Ah, April Fool's… a day of delicious pranks, falsified rumors, and opportunities for corporate entities to demonstrate a sense of humor. Last year, Microsoft got in on the fun with phony Xbox peripherals. In blogging about that joke, I neglected to spotlight an even more impressive one.

Video games are proving an increasingly popular source for Hollywood scripts, with adaptations coming from Hitman, Max Payne, Street Fighter, and Prince of Persia. But what about the games we actually want to see turned into films? Last year, production company Rainfall Films together with IGN created the above mock trailer for a movie based on the Legend of Zelda series:

The production quality is so high that many people were fooled. Only a few clues tipped off suspicious viewers, such as Link's lack of dialogue (true to the source material, admittedly!) and Ganon's cheap costume. Except for those, this trailer suggests (at least to me) that a faithful and high-quality movie of this series is possible.

This mockup goes well with another trailer. It's expected that franchises will evolve over time; this teaser demonstrates the Zelda series so by taking a giant step forward… into the future:

What other games would do well as movies and/or in futuristic settings? Maybe… Tetris?

Check out other film adaptations teased at the above page, such as Dig Dug — and share your favorite April's Fools gags here!

2 thoughts on “April Fool's Zelda

  1. Plants vs. Zombies — I was afraid that this was an April's Fool Day joke since it came out today, but it turns out that it's a real game (for both the PC & Mac). A real game that I must purchase as soon as it comes out. Be sure to check the music video trailer for it; it's extremely funny.

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