When Video Games Live debuted in 2005, it was not the first time video game music had been set to a live orchestra; symphonic recordings of Japanese RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest had been available for more than a decade. But Video Games Live snubbed that reproducible medium in favor of a full sensory performance that has been touring the world for three years, evolving with the industry to commemorate gaming's classics such as The Legend of Zelda and modern hits like Mass Effect.

Knowing me to be both an audiophile and game fanatic, my youngest brother bought us tickets to see Video Games Live at Boston's Orpheum Theater in 2006. For reasons lost to the mists of time, the performance was cancelled. In email exchange I had a year later with Tommy Tallarico, the show's co-creator and executive producer, he said, "Boston is at the top of my list!!  Especially since I grew up in Springfield, Mass!!"

Finally, that promise will be fulfilled this November 21st when Video Games Live comes to the Wang Theatre. If, unlike me, you haven't bought your tickets yet, it must only be out of ignorance. Allow me to edify you with better samples than you'll find on the official VGL Web site. Their trailer has the production team talking about the orchestra, which is incomparable to actually seeing the show itself:

The orchestra is capable of more than just medleys, also performing extensively from individual game soundtracks. Note how this piece incorporates spotlights and actors to recreate the environment in which the music was originally heard, producing a more than aural experience:

If you miss this opportunity, be sure to get tickets for your local venue.

4 thoughts on “Video Games Live in Boston

  1. Thanks so much for the great writeup! We can't wait to see you and all the fans in Boston. This will be quite an emotional homecoming for the show and Tommy too!
    Game On!
    Chris Tripoli
    Online Resource Manager
    Video Games Live

  2. I just got to see VGL in Kansas City this past weekend — it was amazing! The music was outstanding, but I have to say my favorite part of the night was when Tommy Tallarico was in the middle of a spiel and he said something to the effect of "Some people even think that video games cause *violence!*" Some guy in the front yelled "Kill those people!" I couldn't stop laughing for quite awhile. And it took Tommy a minute to remember where he was in that speech.

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