Happy Independence Day to my USA readers; Happy Fourth of July to everyone else.

My previous post complained that there is no video footage of the upcoming game Reset Generation. Since then, its soundtrack designer, 8 Bit Weapon, emailed me with this recently-released montage:

3 thoughts on “Reset Generation Gameplay Footage

  1. So apparently Xseed is bringing Retro Game Challenge for the DS to the US. From gamasutra: "The game plays out as a story of two boys in the 80s taking on specific challenges in a number of fictional 8-bit shooting, racing, action and role-playing games, and seeking hints and cheat codes in collectible fictional game magazines." Sounds fun to me. :)

  2. Ken Gagne

    Rob, that does sound cool — though I don't think Retro Game Challenge is the same game as Reset Generation.

  3. I didn't mean it was the same thing as Reset Generation, just that I thought it was a game that had a similar concept.

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