… or at least he'll pay for one, if you want. Various tax rebates and "economic stimulus payments" are headed taxpayers' way, with a minimum of $600 guaranteed. That was the launch price of the top-end PlayStation 3, so when Computerworld asked for suggestions of how to blow this money, I recommended the PS3 and the MacBook Air.

Ironically, I do not own either of these computers, nor do I see myself purchasing such. My reasons for recommending them are true enough — "The PS3 offers all the features of your typical Blu-ray DVD player, as well as access to exclusive PS3 video games… [such as] Metal Gear Solid 4[, which] comes out on June 12." But I don't believe Blu-ray is the next big thing, and for a game console that is flagging in most other respects, $400 is too high a price. I can get an Xbox 360 with its bountiful online network for less, or enjoy my Wii for no further investment (beyond the inevitable WiiWare on May 12th, and Wii Fit a week later).

Same with the MacBook Air. Were I planning an extended intercontinental excursion or perhaps a lengthy bicycle trip, the MacBook Air's slim figure would be a blessing. But the most travelling my MacBook Pro does is from outlet to outlet, so its additional heft is not noticeable nearly as much as its full feature set is.

I'm sure gamers can find better toys to spend their money on anyway. What are your suggestions?

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  1. Ken Gagne

    Thanks, Joyce. My wording was corrected based on my interpretation of the situation, which was flawed. You are right that, based on various factors, an individual's economic stimulus check may be less than $600.

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