Via Slashdot comes Games Radar's article on twelve iPod-worthy video game tunes. Highlighting mostly recent soundtracks such as Portal and Metal Gear Solid 3, the list represents how far we've come from the 8-bit era (which definitely has its own appeal). Games Rader supplies one-minute sample clips of each of the twelve tunes, with the full versions reserved for the context of the original games or their CDs when available (we must obey copyright, after all).

The list prompted me to consider what selections are top-ranked in my iTunes library's "Soundtrack (Game)" genre, which currently contains 40 albums and 361 songs. Here are some notable four- and five-star choices:

  • Silent Hill 3's "You're Not Here" (with lead-in "Lost Carol")
  • Tracks 3-5 and 8 on the imported orchestration of Dragon Quest IV (perhaps not eligible, since it isn't the original soundtrack)
  • Ending Theme from Final Fantasy VIII — a lousy game with good music.
  • Tracks 7 & 19 from Intelligent Qube. And no, my copy of this rare and awesome puzzler is not for sale.
  • Kitty-N's theme, "Bust a Groove", from the game of the same name.
  • "Magical Dreamers" from Chrono Cross.

As suggested by one of the above entries, the best video game music is often orchestrated adaptations of RPG music. I've recently purchased both Dragon Quest in Concert and 20020220 (the latter available from the iTunes Store), representing both my favorite role-playing series, and often have them on continuous loop while at work, transporting my mind to other realms even as I dwell in a mundane cubicle environment…

What about you — what are some of your favorite tunes?