I am pleased to announce the launch of a redesigned Gamebits.net!  Having featured the same design since its inception seven years ago, Gamebits has finally caught up with Web 2.0 and now features CSS, RSS, AJAX, and more, all to offer you a great way to get your video gaming fix.

The classic Gamebits content you're already familiar with, including 300+ reviews and 200+ news updates, are still available in the new format, and without breaking any of your existing links or bookmarks.  There's plenty more to come, too, for although this relaunch does not suggest a return to weekly game reviews, I will be using the blog to offer regular news and commentary on the latest gaming developments. (Older news can be identified as those with the date as the title.)

Use the site's navbar to explore this site and its resources, and click the "Subscribe" link to learn about the four ways you can get automatic notification of new site content.  The site automatically reformats itself for best viewing from your Wii, DS, iPhone, or iPod touch, so use whatever device you like to access the updated Gamebits!

Email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions, or respond to this post.  Thanks to Peter Watson for starting me on this project, and to Ewen Wannop for giving me the means to finish it!