Happy Halloween! Gamebits is not dead, although it is becoming more archival than active in its reviews.

We changed servers two months ago; the new host provides much greater storage and bandwidth capacity, and also allows numerous shortcuts or redirects. Though all the old links still work, the following URLs are now also valid and lead to the indicated pages:

Unfortunately, the new server does not support our old "Contact Us" form, the developer of which has been promising to fix it since March. We'll see.

Though I've mentioned it before, it's worth mentioning again the ChatterBox Video Game Radio Show. Since they were last mentioned here on Gamebits, they have settled on a dynamic host panel that works, have been successful in getting interesting interview subjects and neat prizes to give away, and have also been made available through the iTunes Podcast Directory. (With the iTrip transmitter, I'm able to listen to the radio show in the car – just like an actual talk show – without being anywhere near Phoenix.) It's the only podcast I've found worth subscribing to.

As for the coming next-generation console war, it's impossible to predict what will happen. Is the Xbox 360 launching too early? The Sega Dreamcast was first out the gate in the 128-bit era, and look where it got it. Of course, Sega was supporting too many consoles simultaneously, a trait that is currently exhibited not by Microsoft – but potentially by Nintendo, which has on the market the GameCube, DS, and various iterations of the Game Boy Advance. However, i you didn't catch it previously, this article outlines the logic behind the Nintendo Revolution and why it may be just what the industry needs.

It will certainly be an interesting holiday, regardless.