Movies from several perspectives: theater seat, couch seat, (baseball) stadium seat.

Review of Resident Evil: Apocalypse is up. Several aspects of the movie are left uncommented on, such as the Russian troops being faithful to the Resident Evil 2 game in appearance if not personality – but I believe I got the gist of the film (which is written by Paul W.S. Anderson, who wrote the medicore [and ridiculously PG-13-rated] Alien vs. Predator, and the excellent Mortal Kombat film).

Prior to the film was shown a trailer of The Grudge, which, along with another movie that was previewed, I initially thought might be a Fatal Frame film. But The Grudge made up for it by starring Sarah Michelle Gellar in a dark and spooky setting – a real stretch for the vampire slayer.

I recently splurged on some DVDs, most of them items I'd missed upon release: Buffy Seasons Six and Seven; Quantum Leap Season One (Season Two'll be out for Christmas!); ReBoot Season Four (it's been too long since season three); and the Star Wars Trilogy (duh), which releases tomorrow.

I spent the weekend in Boston, doing extra work in Fever Pitch, a movie based on the Nick Hornby book and starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Comedian Steve Hofstetter has already succintly outlined the lack of gratification involved in being an extra, so I shan't expound on it otherwise here except to say that the real pay was having another entry on my resume; that 17 hours of freezing cold in Fenway is not an experience I wish to have again (I knew I was tired when, on the drive home, my vision suffered from pop-up); and that I'll probably have to wait to freeze-frame the DVD (due in 2006) before I see if I'm even in the darn thing. (my "appearance must be visible in the final cut of the film" in order to submit an update to the IMDB, says they)

And on a non-movie note, my alma mater is designing a major dedicated to game design. Game on, WPI – and props for putting a GameCube controller on your front cover.