Silent Hill 4: The Room is out. I think it's a bit soon for this game – only a year after Silent Hill 3. There was hardly time for any antici…. pation to build. Did that stop me from picking it up? Come on – this series continuously ranks in my top games of whatever year in which they are released. I'm always up for a good fright (which I didn't get from Resident Evil: Apocalypse – more on that later).

If you're into storytelling (then again, don't see Resident Evil: Apocalypse), then Fable is out soon – as is Demon Stone, which should be well-received if for no reason than the involvement of acclaimed fantasy author R.A. Salvatore.

Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection is a repackaging of little that we haven't already experienced on other consoles, but surprisingly, contains the feature length film Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (doubtless the rated version, sans Chun-Li shower scene).

Speaking of surprises, I was accepted into the World of Warcraft stress test. But this short-term phase of the beta-test runs only through tomorrow (Sunday the 12th), and I didn't get the notice until Friday the 10th, which is exactly when my DSL connection decided to crawl at dial-up speeds, which was not conducive to downloading the 2.2GB installer. So, no test for me. Ah well.