Retro gaming, while nothing new, is certainly in vogue these days. I recently (and finally) got my hands on the Zelda Collector's Edition for GameCube. It was amazing how much of the original Zelda I remembered – and amazing how much I'd forgotten. Even something as simple as the location of Level Three – in the first quest, mind you – temporarily evaded me. I doubt I'd fare well in the second quest. A post on Orkut pointed out that John Ricciardi, former CompuServe sysop, discovered last year that the Triforce actually predates video games by almost a millennium.

Then there's the Mega Man Anniversary, where again, memory plays a role. Few things are more exciting than making it to a boss room, only to discover what you thought was his weakness, is not!

Retro goes for computers, too, as Gamebits will be attending a number of computer shows this month. This week we'll be at MacWorld, and then we'll be manning a vendor booth at the Vintage Computer Festival East. On Sunday, we'll probably swing by the MIT Swapfest before flying west to the annual KansasFest.

The editor of Juiced.GS, the last remaining Apple II print publication, needles me with the observation: "N-Gage is an anagram for your last name, Ken." Sigh. That's something I really needed to know.