I hope everyone's had a good Memorial Day weekend. I got back yesterday from Atlanta, which I used to visit regularly (for E3 and other reasons) but not in the last six years. I remember my first visit there in 1993, when I was first exposed to several intriguing electronic concepts: Dave and Busters arcade, the virtual reality game Dactyl Nightmare, the Mortal Kombat movie, electronic highway toll payments, and others. I'd forgotten that their Shallowford Road highway exit had been from where I derived the last name of a Dungeons & Dragons character I'd once played (back when I played D&D).

This time down I saw the movie The Day After Tomorrow. It was a rather uninspired film with plenty of cliches and a few plot holes, but it was neat to see Donnie Darko in another film, with possibly more screen time than the lead.

I'd like to thank the senders of the 1,062 spam emails I received while I was gone. Actually, what I'd like to do to them can't be printed here.