This past weekend, while visiting a relative of Gamebits, I had the opportunity to visit an arcade at St. Pete's Beach. While most arcades that now dot the landscape tout the usual fare of fighters, racers, and beatmania games released in the past decade, every now and then a classic arcade can be found. This one was not the biggest I'd come across – that would be FunSpot (where the world Donkey Kong record was set in July, and home to many other records), which is smaller since its mid-Nineties renovations to include an virtual, indoor driving range, sigh – but it was the first classic arcade I'd been to in awhile. I enjoyed playing Play Choice 10, Joust, Contra, Donkey Kong Junior, Arkanoid (doh!), Spy Hunter II (I didn't even know there was such a beast), and was chagrined at my apparent loss of accomplishment at TRON. Sigh.

Review of Viewtiful Joe upcoming, and release dates for the N-Gage now available.