Now up is a review of Otogi, which in gameplay and atmosphere could be considered a Japanese Rygar – much as Rygar is a Greek Otogi. Hmm.

A review of the GameCube version of Soul Calibur II will be here next week. I got so involved playing the game that it took me three weeks to get around to writing about it. Oops.

I've found my likes and attention spans changing over the years. Whereas once I could devote many hours, continuous or otherwise, to a single game (such as Final Fantasy VII), now I prefer more action-oriented games, especially those that can be broken down into manageable chunks, be they rounds or laps. One notable exception is Vandal Hearts II, which I played for 15 hours upon its release, then hungrily devoured it for another 45 hours two years later. I was sorely sad to see it end, and have not touched it since, though I pray for the day Konami announces a third installment. Fie on Suikoden!

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