Being the LucasArts lackey that I am, a review of Knights of the Old Republic has been submitted to a hundred affiliated, monthly newsletters. Until they carry it, I'll hold off on posting an Internet edition; I've never found it pays to scoop one's own editors.

Speaking of that company, a fond farewell to Tom, one of the best PR people in one of the industry's best PR departments. Best of luck to you.

Silent Hill 3 is in the mail, and a review will be produced upon said game. A Windows version of Konami's latest survival-horror title is due on October 28th, in time for Halloween. Your local retailer may not know anything about that, but who are you going to trust?

July 20, 2003
After having been linked from Rotten Tomatoes, I am now headed to Sweet Tomatoes as the inaugural dining experience of this year's KansasFest, which will be keynoted by Steve Wozniak. I'm currently in Nebraska and will be appearing in Kansas, Missouri, and even Iowa. More gaming upon return to the East Coast.