E3 photo gallery updated, now with 53 exclusive shots and two movies.

I took time out of E3 to see The Matrix Reloaded opening night at Universal City. I enjoyed the action sequences, which took awhile to get to; the film opens with too much time spent outside the Matrix. We see many more of Neo and Morpheus' freedom fighters, including other ships, captains, and the actual city of Zion. But the amount of philosophizing I found a bit confusing, where some scenes I absolutely had to focus on the dialogue and not background motion if I wanted to keep pace with the film. I'm still not sure what it all meant, and the introduction of Matrix elements that are neither human nor agent I also found somewhat inexplicable.

CNN.com found the movie to be very shallow, more akin to a video game (which I've not yet played). But the movie is worth seeing. Stay all the way through the credits if you want to see a trailer for The Matrix Revolutions.

The AniMatrix shorts release on DVD June 3rd.