Four new reviews added earlier this week, with one more today. One of them, the new Zelda, I actually brought to completion this past Thursday. I rarely dedicate that much time and interest to a single title, and when I logged it into the list of other such games (yes, I record games I've completed – an artifact of my NES days), I was a bit surprised to find the last three entries were also from the same publisher: Metroid Prime, Super Mario Sunshine, and Eternal Darkness. Seems Nintendo makes some attractive games.

I was recently asked what my favorite console was, only to discover the correct answer was Xbox. (I would've gotten away with it, if not for that darn Microsoft rep!) Six months ago the console had little appeal for me, but releases such as Shenmue II, Panzer Dragoon Orta, DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball, and Indiana Jones have had me spending a fair amount of time with Microsoft's monolith. It's probably the best console with which to go online, anyway – assuming you have broadband.

I did break away from the interactive medium this past holiday weekend to see Bulletproof Monk. It occupies the same genre as Daredevil and Blade – that being "movies based on comic books I've never read". (I'm more of a DC guy.) BPM (as he's come to be known, at least by me) is the best of the three: an irreverent, funny, fast-paced film.

Speaking of that other medium, when I mentioned earlier that the only TV series I still need on DVD is the Dick Van Dyke show, I misspoke. There is also The Incredible Hulk, and though the release of the pilot is a good start, where are the entire seasons? Quantum Leap is the other series, and its pilot episode on DVD is long since discontinued, though rumblings on other sites suggest seasons on disc may be a work-in-progress. Let us hope. Enterprise is the only TV show I currently watch, but Archer's no Beckett.