The review of Jedi Outcast, for GameCube and Xbox, is a pleasure to post, as it is the work of the talented Jeremy Pallant, who this time last year contributed to Gamebits with a review of Obi-Wan. He is capable of writing more than reviews of Star Wars Xbox games (see some of his other articles) and I hope to work with him to furnish other reviews in the future.

Also thanks to Dain Neater for his review of Snood. As a gamer who used his Neo*Geo memory card to play the coin-op version of Bust-a-Move, I've always wondered why Snood is preferred by so many gamers these days. AFAIK, BAM came first and is superior… though, in Snood's favor, I have to admit that any game that's available for the Mac does have an advantage over one that is not.