Though Gamebits is a video game website, I occasionally feel compelled to offer a Public Service Announcement. Now is such a time.

I have many friends and family members who have good intentions, but not the courtesy to check the veracity of emails they receive, and so end up forwarding them in virus-like fashion. The Internet is home to a good many stories, and most of them are untrue. Before doing your friends a disservice of spreading such spam, please check your facts at one of these sites:

Do so, and you'll find that the Windows file JDBGMGR.EXE is not a virus; boycotting Mobil and Exxon will not drive down gasoline prices – it is more likely to drive them up; the Internet Mind Reader is an exercise in mathematics and misdirection – nothing more; email petitions do not work; and finally, Bill Gates is not beta-testing an email tracking program.

If you need any further proof (or just a good laugh), click here.

And, in the off-chance that you do send me one of the actual 14,000+ Windows viruses out there, it's unlikely to be one of the dozens that would affect Gamebits' Macintosh hardware. But thanks for your concern.