I've made a living not saying nothing at all, in addition to something nice. (Sorry, Mom.) I must report that, while I prefer experiences that lead to glowing recommendations, my recent transaction with DVDSoon.com has left me glowering.

I shopped at this Canadian store due to their low prices – the lowest on many titles, according to dvdpricesearch.com. This low price is due in part to the option for free postage via Canada Post, a process which takes 2-3 weeks. I opted instead to have my two items – Buffy Season Three and The Producers – mailed together in a single USPS parcel. They charged me accordingly, then proceeded to mail the items separately via Canada Post.

My complaints on this matter regularly went unheeded; despite their assurances of 24-48 hour turnaround time on feedback, I often went weeks without hearing anything. Emails as well as voice mail were ignored. When I did hear back from them, it was from various people responding to old complaints and new ones out of order, with one person being the left hand, another being the right, and neither knowing what the other was doing.

Yes, I finally got my items, despite one being lost to the nether of our northern neighbor's mailing system. No, I didn't get refunded the USPS shipping charge I'd elected. No, I will never shop there again. I advise the same to you.