I understand there's been some commotion over demo discs; I wonder who has time to be playing incomplete products? Within a month I'll have been inundated with Contra: Shattered Soldier, Shenmue II, Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance, Metroid Prime (and Fusion!), Rygar, and Bond: Nightfire. With so many great games, I consider myself fortunate to play more than the first level of each; who needs demoes?

Nokia's new cell phone looks to be crossdressing as a handheld gaming system. Granted, it does double as a cell phone, something the Game Boy has never done, but will it be enough? Has any competitor ever successfully contended with Nintendo for the handheld market? You can talk about your Game Gears and Neo*Geos and Lynxs and, yes, even game.com, and in response I'll wax the glories of the Sega Saturn. And therein lies the rub: it's more options for us gamers, hallelujah, but from a business perspective, it just doesn't add up. Granted, I may be forgetting to carry the one.